About Us

The Cincinnati Church of Christ, a non-denominational Christian church committed to the mission of Jesus Christ.  This congregation was started in 1983 with about 30 or so like-minded, determined young disciples who had a dream to be a body of believers like those described in the New Testament.  Through the ensuing years, the congregation has grown and multiplied, both in number and in its impact on the world.  Over the years, many of our members have gone out to other cities in the US and to foreign countries to help establish other congregations of disciples.  In addition, through the sacrificial gifts of our members, the church has provided financial support to a number of church plantings in India, and most recently, Indonesia.  In 2000, the church purchased its own building, located in the community of Deer Park.  After extensive renovations, we have been meeting there since 2001.  The church is currently led by Doug and Jennifer Lambert.