February 16th-18th

The Ohio Valley Teen Rally is a three day event in which teens from all over the Ohio Valley come to Cincinnati  for great spiritual lessons, fun activities, and much more.  The theme, Lost and Found, focuses on how we as Christians can be lost in this world, and need to find the way back to the light for us and our friends. The event  is open to teens in grades 8-12.


Cincinnati Church of Christ (4220 E. Galbraith Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45236) 


$35 per person


Worship night, lunch, general session, class session, dgroups, field day, dinner, and dance party.


We will be providing housing for those coming from outside the Greater Cincinnati Area.  For Friday night and Saturday, members of the Cincinnati Church of Christ will graciously open their homes and provide breakfast  and for Saturday and Sunday. If there are any special needs, please notify us! 

T-Shirts are available until January 28th!

ONLINE REGISTRATION ENDS FEBRUARY 5TH; price goes up to $40 at the door. 




We are in need of chaperones,  please fill out  the form below to volunteer.




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